Reasons to Study Chemistry

Why study chemistry

For students

Department of Chemistry

At the Department of Chemistry, you will find high-quality, friendly and dedicated teaching staff who will make the learning process easy and interesting. The staff will help you develop your potential.

Chemistry is an indispensable part of all aspects of modern life. Society needs competent chemists who will use the latest technologies, develop new materials, improve methods of energy production, and protect the environment.

Chemistry students at the Faculty of Science acquire fundamental and practical knowledge in the natural sciences and various fields of chemistry, which later opens the door to scientific research, the chemical industry, biotechnology, natural resource management, and the educational system.

As a chemist you can…

  • control the quality of food, water and drinks;
  • dedicate yourself to science and engage in research;
  • be part of the chemical industry;
  • engage in forensic analyses;
  • contribute to the preservation of human health, nature and cultural heritage;
  • become a chemistry teacher in primary and secondary schools;
  • to find new sources of energy
    and much more!
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If you are curious and creative, study chemistry!

Love is chemistry, and vice versa!